Sunday, June 25, 2006


Mmmm. Red wine. Lovely, lovely red wine. Well, nasty, cheapy red wine, actually, being that I was on rather a budget when I visited the local House O'Red Wine. Still, after three glasses I am pleasantly suprised to find that with the slightly swimmy floaty head sensation is also coming an unclenching of teeth, a relaxing of muscles, and a general 'thank fuck that week is over' feeling.

Still, it realy wasn't that bad a week. Animals were saved, some of them with all limbs intact. Some of them will have to wear fluorescent bandages on their legs, like bad 80's leg warmers. Some of them have pins and wires sticking out of them, like someone sterilised a Meccano set for me to fix 'em up with. But apart from the crazy lady who was grumpy at me because I managed to save her cat's tooth ("I would never have had the dental done unless he needed a tooth out!"), I think I leave the week with people happy, animals wagging or purring, according to their genetic preferences (though not sure what noise Ruby, the snake necked tortoise is making), and everyone still alive.

That'll do, Pig. That'll do.

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