Saturday, July 12, 2008

Drink Me

Alice - possibly the best discovery of my year. Maybe just of the week. At least, the find of the night. Next time I shall dress in peacoat and opera gloves, with my best string of plastic beads. I'm not normally one for novelelty drinks, but coudn't resist the china pots of tea. Drinking lemon and honey from a bone china cup makes one feel qite innocent (and must be good for my cold, I thought, especially since the added shots of Jaegermeister normally taste like cough syrup to me anyway).
I fell in love with the next pot, a dumpy brown-glazed lump sticky labelled 'Mama Bear', like something out of my Brownie days. The mint tea and vanilla vodka it was filled with were slightly less reminiscent of childhood... Best of all, the old Tenniel illustrations on the walls gave me an idea for tonight's Mad Hatters tea party costume.