Sunday, March 23, 2008

Opinions vs Rectums

Jesus apparently died that I may - a lot of chocolate in the shape of a pagan rabbit.
...hide brightly dyed eggs around my house, so that in three weeks time, the still hidden beasties will force me to evacuate, and move to Nairobi.
...not be able to partake of a glass of wine UNLESS I have the foresight to have bought it yesterday, or be wanting fries with that. Or unless he resurrects himself near my tap and performs a miracle.
...still have to go to work, despite the fact the rest of the country is on holiday, and look after the animals of the aforementioned holidaying population. All of whom appear to have eaten chocolate/rabbits/decaying eggs, and are displaying their gastrointestinal displeasure. Explosively. woken up at irregular intervals during my one sleep-in of the week by the sonorous clanging of the church bell ten metres from my bed.

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